A Philosophy of Re-upholstery

A Philosophy of Re-upholstery

South Coast Upholstery is a custom Commercial, Residential, and Marine re-upholstery house. 

Re-upholstery is a lifetime obsession fostered by a love of the trade. Before moving to Oregon, I worked in an upholstery shop in St. Ignace and, before that, I had my own upholstery business in Alpena, Michigan for about 20 years. Previous to that, I worked in my mother's upholstery shop where I learned the trade from a German master upholsterer.

Observing and experiencing natural history (with a focus on nesting birds and lichen) and protecting natural features is also a lifetime obsession. I once treated these two obsessions as distinct activities, however, I now see them as extensions of one another. The restoration and preservation of a piece of furniture is as satisfying and fulfilling as preserving and protecting a rare plant or natural community.

If you have a piece of furniture you would like restored through re-upholstery or have any need of marine or commercial re-upholstery, I hope you will consider me. I promise top-notch custom work completed in a timely manner.

A Philosophy of  Re-upholstery

Re-upholstery is essentially about "re-comforting," refreshing, and recycling well built furnishings that give dimension to your living space through preservation and restoration.

A well constructed piece of furniture, with a solid hardwood frame, is worth re-upholstering because it is often difficult to replace such high quality for the same cost as re-upholstering. Re-upholstery also gives the freedom to choose the fabric you wish. In addition, you are recycling. Think of the trees that could be saved if more and more people recycled their furniture through re-upholstery!

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